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Research Program

The Royal Commissionís Research Program has been designed to address key issues outlined in its Terms of Reference. The goals of the Research Program are:
  1. To gather information and analysis to assist commissioners in understanding issues and in drafting the Final Report.

  2. To provide independent assessment of key issues.

  3. To provide detailed information in support of analysis, conclusions and recommendations contained in the Final Report.

  4. To generate fresh perspectives and new ideas on critical issues.

  5. To provide the public with a bank of important information and analysis.

The Royal Commission will file its Final Report by June 30, 2003; a little more than a year after the Commissionís start-up. The Commission, therefore, will not be able to undertake as extensive a research program as one with, say, a five-year mandate. Fortunately, a substantial amount of information and analysis relevant to the Terms of Reference of this Commission already exists.

The key task of the research program is to draw together existing knowledge, and to fill critical gaps in research. The Commissionís own staff will be able to undertake some of these tasks; others are being undertaken by government bodies in co-operation with the Commission. The bulk of the Research Program, however, will be carried out by independent experts, most of whom will be based at Memorial University and other universities across Canada. In developing the Research Program and identifying potential researchers, the Commission will consult with a Research Advisory Roundtable, drawn mainly from personnel at Memorial University.

Research done specifically for the Commission will: be focused on key issues; be policy-oriented; meet professional standards of quality; be inclusive of the social diversity of Newfoundland and Labrador; and be subjected to a peer review process.

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