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Gender Based Analysis

The Women’s Policy Office applies gender based analysis to government policy in such forms as legislation, programs and services. By applying gender based analysis to government policy, the Women’s Policy Office provides advice to departments on how women are affected, highlights needs and gaps and advises on how gender equity can be better achieved.

More specifically, gender based analysis:

  • Examines the differences in women’s and men’s lives, particularly those that lead to social and economic inequality for women;
  • Recognizes that not all women are the same by examining the varying perspectives of women such as Indigenous women and women of differing age, sexual orientation, colour, race, ethnicity, ability/disability, and socio-economic status;
  • Applies this understanding in an integrated and systematic approach to policy and program work;
  • Aims to create “best practices” for government by responding both effectively and efficiently to the diverse interests of its citizens;
  • Aims to achieve equity rather than equal treatment, recognizing that treating everyone the same may not necessarily produce equitable results because men and women have different life experiences to consider.

The goal of gender based analysis is achieving a society in which both women and men are equally valued and in which people’s life choices are not limited because of their gender, ethnicity, social position or non-relevant characteristics.

An Integrated Approach to Policy/Program Development: Guidelines for Gender Inclusive Analysis PDF (19 MB), provides government departments and agencies, as well as community organizations, with a framework on how to conduct gender based analysis. For more information, or a copy of this publication, please contact the Women’s Policy Office at (709) 729-5009.

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