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Student Employment and Compensation Policy


Policy Statement

Rates of Pay for student employees shall be established based on the rate of an approved public service job classification. Rates will be determined as a percentage of the minimum salary of the designated pay level as identified by the Human Resource Secretariat.


This policy applies to all student employees of Government Departments enrolled in academic programs of accredited educational institutions or employed for the traditional summer employment period. The policy does not apply to apprentices covered by a collective agreement.



    The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as represented by Treasury Board.

Student Employee

    Any person employed by a Government Department who:
    1. is required, as part of an educational program with an accredited educational institution, to complete a period of employment related to the applicable educational program;
    2. upon completion of the required period of employment referred to in (i), is employed by a Government Department while completing an educational program; or
    3. has completed the first year of studies of an educational program with an accredited educational institution.

Summer Student

    Any person employed during the traditional summer period typically performing general administrative duties and responsibilities not specifically associated with an educational program.

Employment Period

    Student Employees: the period of practical work experience required as part of successful completion of a program of study offered by an accredited educational institution. Departments may continue to employ students after completion of the required period of practical work experience as necessary. The designation of student employee shall not be used after completion of the academic program. A person shall cease to be considered a Student Employee upon completion of the educational program.

    Summer Student: traditional period of employment during the summer months (May to August).


    The remuneration assigned to a classified position as determined by the HRS.


    Memorial University of Newfoundland


    College of the North Atlantic.



It shall be the responsibility of Departments to:

  • Ensure that appropriate information is gathered to support the rates paid to student employees. This includes, but its not limited too, proof of enrolment, proof of academic standing and official transcripts of grades.
  • Departments should identify all reporting relationships of the position. While classification reviews of student positions will not be conducted, the HRS may require supporting documentation as required.
  • Ensure student employees complete the Employee Orientation Program.
  • Departments are prohibited from paying any student employee any type of additional remuneration (e.g. a signing or retention bonus, market adjustment etc.) outside the terms of this policy. Paying additional forms of compensation and benefits shall require Treasury Board approval.

The Human Resource Secretariat (HRS)

It is the responsibility of the HRS to:

  • Develop and maintain the pay scales for all student classifications and notify all employers of changes and additions to the scales in a timely manner.
  • Provide all Departments with copies of the Student Employment and Compensation Policy, and all necessary support and guidance to administer this Policy.

Determining Student Rates of Pay

The following scales and percentages shall be used in determining rates for student employees.

Undergraduate Student Rates

Co-operative Student rates shall be based on the salary of the entry-level classification associated with the student position as follows:

MUN Business CG 30
MUN Engineering CG 30
All other Undergraduate Degree Programs CG 30
All other Diploma Programs CG 25

These rates apply to all students enrolled in education programs that have practical work experience as a requirement of the program. The following rates apply to the year of study of the student:

Work Term/Year of Study Percentage of Minimum Hourly Salary
(Step 1) of Designated Classification
(CG pay scale)
Work Term 1 or 1st Year of Study 60%
Work Term 2 or 2nd Year of Study 65%
Work Term 3 or 3rd Year of Study 70%
Work Term 4 or 4th Year of Study 75%
Work Term 5 or 5th Year of Study 80%
Work Term 6 or 6th Year of Study 85%

Example: A first year MUN B. Comm. student shall receive 60% of Step 1 of the CG-30 pay scale. Step 1 of CG-30, as of April 1, 2011, is $23.97/hr. 60% equals $14.38/hr

Graduate/Masters Students

Students of Graduate/Masters programs shall receive 75% of the minimum hourly salary (Step 1) of the CG-34 or equivalent pay scale.

PhD Students

PhD eligible students shall receive 75% of the minimum hourly salary (Step 1) of the CG-37 or equivalent pay scale.

Summer Students

Effective April 1, 2011, the rate for all summer students shall be Provincial Minimum Wage plus $2.65/hr.

Articled Law Students

1st year Law Student: 75% of Step 1 of the Solicitor I scale
2nd year Law Student: 85% of Step 1 of the Solicitor I scale
3rd year Law Student: 95% of Step 1 of the Solicitor I scale

Approved Student Rates: Effective April 1, 2018 PDF Icon (8 KB)

Above is information and resources pertaining to the Student Employment and Compensation Policy and Rates. For any additional information, please contact the Classification and Compensation Division.

Last Policy Update: May 16, 2011

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