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Smoke-Free Workplace Policy

Policy Statement

Smoking is prohibited in Government workplaces.


This policy applies to all employees of Government departments. Bargaining unit employees should also consult their respective collective agreements and the provisions of the collective agreement shall prevail.


Smoking to have control over an ignited article or substance from tobacco, or the use of an e-cigarette or like device that mimics and/or substitutes for smoking, including inhaling and exhaling smoke or similar vapour
Workplace all enclosed spaces controlled by the employer including, but not limited to, private offices, open office areas, laboratories, classrooms, libraries, vehicles and all types of workrooms and workshops

also included are areas and facilities such as stairways, lobbies, hallways, entrances, reception areas, elevators, lounges, lunch rooms, cafeterias, washrooms, et cetera

Roles and Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of individual departments to:

  • provide a healthy working environment for employees; and
  • assist employees who wish to participate in smoking cessation programs


It is the responsibility of employees to respect the rights of others to a smoke-free work environment.

Policy Administration

This policy applies to all employees and visitors to Government workplaces and is in effect 24 hours a day. Any employee not complying with this policy is subject to disciplinary action.

Work breaks will not be extended beyond that provided in employees' respective collective agreements or Government's Human Resources Policy Manual.

Where accommodations are shared with individuals who are not subject to this policy (for example, prison inmates and residents in institutions), the responsible department should take all reasonable measures to minimize the effects of smoking on their own employees who must work in these locations.

Where a department shares a building with other employers or individuals who are not subject to this policy, the department must still apply the smoke-free policy to their own workplaces and take all reasonable and practical measures to minimize the effects of smoking on their own employees who must work in these locations.

Smoking Cessation Programs

At the discretion of the Deputy Minister, a department may provide financial support for any employee who wishes to participate in a smoking cessation program.

Departments will provide information to employees on smoking cessation programs and the policy regarding payment for these programs.

Departments may decide to offer smoking cessation programs in the workplace. An initial meeting to inform staff about the program can occur during work hours, however, continuous attendance at the program should be done during the lunch period or off duty hours.

Last Policy Update: February 17, 2016

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