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Pay Plan Conversion Policy

All Compensation Policies should be read in conjunction with Compensation Policies – General Rules and Application.

Policy Statement

Employees who move from one pay plan to another will have their rate of pay established in accordance with this policy.


This policy applies to all employees of the core public service with the exception of those employees on the Executive Pay Plan. Bargaining unit employees should consult their respective collective agreement and where there is a conflict, the collective agreement shall prevail.

Treasury Board had directed that Government's Agencies, Boards and Commissions (ABCs) with the exception of Nalcor, Memorial University and the Research and Development Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador ensure that their Pay Plan Conversion Policy is consistent with this policy outlined herein. Departments will notify their ABCs accordingly. Any ABC which indicates that it is not currently compliant is directed to submit an implementation plan which ensures compliance or obtain support from their respective Minister to seek Treasury Board approval for an exemption to the policy.

Pay Plan Conversion

Where an employee changes from one pay plan to another within the Public Service , such as in situations when there is a Certification Order issued by the Labour Relations Board (e.g. A union makes application to the Labour Relations Board that a Policy Analyst (HL) should more appropriately be included in the (GS) bargaining unit), the Department involved will complete a position description and forward to the Human Resource Secretariat, Classification and Compensation Division. Upon receiving a position description, the Human Resource Secretariat will classify the position, assign the position to the new pay plan and establish the incumbent's hourly rate of pay as follows:

If the existing hourly rate of pay is: Then the hourly rate of pay:
  • Equal to an hourly rate of pay on the new pay range
  • Does not change;
  • Below the minimum of the new pay range
  • Is the first step on the new pay range;
  • Between two steps on the new pay range
  • Is at the higher of the two steps; or
  • Above the maximum of the new pay range
  • Is retained and red-circled.

The effective date of these actions is the date of the pay plan conversion or the date that the Certification Order is issued by the Labour Relations Board.

Employees may be eligible to carry forward existing benefits, see applicable Human Resource Policies or consult with their Strategic Human Resource Management Division (SHRM).

Temporary Conversion

Unionized employees who are temporary placed into a management position for a period of greater than six months are paid as per the Promotion or Demotion Policies on the HL Pay Plan and are changed to the Paid Leave Policy. While in these positions employees are not to receive overtime, annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave as per the provisions of their respective agreements; however, these employees may access their respective accrued benefits while outside their unionized position. Should the position be less than six months, salary still follows the Promotion or Demotion Policies on the HL Pay Plan; however, accumulation of benefits for these employees' will remain as per their respective collective agreement.

Last Policy Update: March 26, 2012

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