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Government Vehicle Usage Policy

Policy Statement

All Government owned, leased or hired vehicles/equipment shall be used for Government business only. Private use is strictly prohibited.


This policy applies to all employees who utilize government owned, leased or hired vehicles/equipment in their assigned work.

Bargaining unit employees should also consult their respective collective agreements and the provisions of the collective agreement shall prevail.


Vehicles Government owned, leased or hired automobiles, trucks, graders, loaders, etc
Equipment Government owned, leased or hired trailers, vegetation and agriculture equipment, etc
Usage employee use of Employer vehicles and equipment within the following parameters:
Travel status the absence of an employee from headquarters on government business with the prior approval of the Deputy Minister



It is the responsibility of individual departments to:

  • ensure that all employees are aware of all policies related to the use of any government owned, leased or hired vehicles or equipment; and

  • monitor usage of vehicles and equipment, where necessary.


It is the responsibility of employees to:

  • use vehicles and equipment for work related purposes; and

  • not to participate in any activities which are in violation of Newfoundland or Canadian laws or this policy.

Vehicle Usage

Failure to abide by the following guidelines will result in discipline by the Employer up to and including dismissal:

  • any person using a Government vehicle shall do so only with the proper Departmental authorization and in accordance with Vehicle Fleet Management Policy;

  • persons operating a government-owned vehicle must have a valid driver= s license;

  • only authorized passengers shall be carried in a Government vehicle;

  • all drivers shall comply with the rules and regulations of driving, and traffic laws in the city or town where operating. Any traffic violations shall be the responsibility of the operator and outstanding fines must be paid immediately;

  • safety belts must be worn at all times when operating a Government vehicle;

  • operators are responsible for completing any log books or report forms placed in the vehicles by Fleet Management;

  • operators shall be responsible for keeping their vehicles clean and tidy at all times;

  • operators are required to comply with any maintenance schedules set out for the vehicle;

  • operators should follow any guidelines with reference to fuel conservation that may be placed in the vehicle;

  • operators may be required to participate in safe driving programs from time to time; and

  • in the case of accidents, involving Government vehicles, operators must comply with practices outlined in Section 6, Accident Reporting, Vehicle Fleet Management Policy.


Permanently Assigned Vehicles/Equipment

All government vehicles/equipment operated from a permanently assigned place of work are to be parked at the end of the day's work at the assigned location. Exceptions are as follows:

  • on occasions when it is advantageous for an employee to leave directly from his/her place of residence on Government business, the vehicle may be parked overnight at the employee's place of residence; and

  • for periods during which the employee is officially on call, the Government vehicle may be kept at his/her place of residence.

During circumstances where a Government vehicle is parked at an employee's residence, the vehicle shall not be mobile for any other reason than official Government business. The vehicle is there for parking only.

No employee shall be permitted to use a Government vehicle from his/her place of residence to work on a daily basis unless such use is authorized by the Deputy Minister.


Travel Status

Vehicles/equipment operated by employees on travel status shall be used for Government related business only.


Other Policies

Employees should also be aware of the Department of Transportation and Works policies at http://www.tw.gov.nl.ca/.

Last Policy Update: January 6, 2006

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