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Membership and Professional Fees Policy

Policy Statement

Membership Fees

Deputy Ministers may approve the payment of membership fees for those employees whose membership in an association or organization contributes to the mandate of the department.

Professional Fees

Professional fees are not normally paid by the Employer. Payment of professional fees will continue on behalf of those employees for whom these fees were paid prior to November, 1990, or where Cabinet approval is obtained.


This Policy applies to all employees of Government departments.

Bargaining unit employees should also consult their respective collective agreements and the provisions of the collective agreement shall prevail.


Membership Fees fees paid to an association or organization to provide services, materials and/or information that will contribute to the mandate of the department
Professional Fees fees paid on behalf of employees for whom membership in a professional association is an employment requirement



It is the responsibility of individual departments to ensure that approved membership fees paid on behalf of employees contribute to the department's mandate.


It is the responsibility of employees to:

  • request, in writing to the Deputy Minister the payment of membership fees; and
  • provide documentation from the association or organization as to how the membership contributes to the mandate of the department.

Payment of Fees

Where memberships in associations or organizations are determined not to contribute to the mandate of the department, or where these membership fees are to be paid on a personal basis, Treasury Board approval is required.


Last Policy Update: March 15, 2000

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