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Job Evaluation Project

Information on the Job Evaluation Project can be found below. For inquiries or questions, please contact the Human Resource Secretariat by email at JES@gov.nl.ca, by telephone at 729-3383 or toll free at 1-888-729-7690.

What is the Job Evaluation Project?

  • The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador will introduce a new job evaluation system for unionized positions. It will also include non-bargaining/non-management employees into the new job evaluation system and classification framework.
  • The overall objective is the implementation of a new and comprehensive classification framework, supported by a contemporary Job Evaluation System that is efficient, transparent, user-friendly, and understood by all participants.

What is Job Evaluation?

  • Job evaluation is a means of determining the relative value of jobs within an organization utilizing job evaluation methodology and tools.
  • Principles that are fundamental in the development of the Job Evaluation System include confirmation of job content, and consistent evaluation of job content, roles and responsibilities.

What is Government's Job Evaluation System?

The Job Evaluation System for Bargaining Unit Employees is a point factor system and it addresses four standard criteria recognized in all pay equity legislation for the purpose of job evaluation, namely: Skill, Effort, Responsibility and Working Conditions.

The Job Evaluation System includes the following nine factors:

  • Knowledge
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Physical Effort
  • Concentration
  • Complexity
  • Accountability/Decision Making
  • Impact
  • Development and Leadership of Others
  • Environmental Working Conditions

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Job Class Profiles with Ratings and Points

The Job Class Profile (JCP) has been developed by the JES Project Team, Human Resource Secretariat from the representative sample of Position Description Questionnaire's (PDQ's) submitted by select employees for each existing class. The JCP reflects key and periodic activities typically found in the class and how the class is impacted by the nine factors outlined above.

Each Job Class Profile is a rating under a set of application guidelines. Each factor has a range of ratings within them. Once the rating is decided for each factor, points are then assigned based on the weighting of each factor.

A Factor Weightings Spreadsheet below shows the points attached to each rating under each of the factors.

Your Job Class Profile includes the ratings and points at the top of the document and also includes the pay level and the associated point band (range of points) for that pay level.

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Job Evaluation System (JES) Documents and Other Information

The JES Evaluation Framework is the application guidelines used to rate positions.

Review process

Employees who wish to have their classifications reviewed under the new Job Evaluation System (JES) are able to do so by following the guidelines in the link below.

Information Sessions

Job Evaluation System Information Sessions to assist employees with completing their Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ).

Note: Videos will open in a separate window using YouTube

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How does the new Job Evaluation System affect me?

Employees will advance to the next step on their pay grid based on their step progression date (typically your anniversary date or original date of hire if you work full time hours every week) as per collective agreement language.

JES Pay Grids (The point bands for all pay levels are available by viewing the following pay scales):

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