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Job Evaluation Project – Non-Bargaining/Non-Management Employees

  • The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador will include non-bargaining/non-management employees into the new Job Evaluation System (JES) and classification framework within direct government departments, education sector, health care sector, and selected government agencies (Newfoundland Liquor Corporation, Municipal Assessment Agency, Public Libraries Board, and Pippy Park Commission).
  • Approximately 1,000 employees and 100 classifications will be covered by the scope of this project.
  • Implementation date for the JES for non-bargaining/non-management employees will be April 15, 2015 or July 15, 2015, depending on the timing of the various collective agreements that is depicted by your pay level (GS, HS, NLC, etc.).

How does the new Job Evaluation System affect non-bargaining/non-management employees in various classes?

No employee will see pay decreases as a result of implementation of the new JES.

The charts listed below reflect the full list of classes under the new JES and show where non-bargaining/non-management employees in various classes will be placed at the implementation date of the system on either April 15 or July 15, 2015, that is depicted by your pay level.

If your hourly rate at the time of JES implementation is higher than Step 3 JES listed, it will not decrease. You will be red-circled. This means you will receive general economic increases in the form of pensionable cash bonuses until the JES scale equals your current level of pay through future general economic increases.

If you are unsure which classification report in which to find your classification, see chart below.

Find your employee group and the corresponding classification report.

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Non-bargaining/ non-management employment group Find your classification in this report
General government sector NAPE General Service Report
Hospital support working in Eastern, Central or Labrador Grenfell Regional Health Authority NAPE Hospital Support Report
Health professional working in Eastern Health, depending on facility NAPE Health Professional's Report
Health professional in Central, Western or Labrador Grenfell Regional Health Authority NAPE Health Professional's Report
Hospital support employee in Western Regional Health Authority CUPE Hospital Support Report
Employee with a Regional Health Authority having a similar classification to those in the Laboratory and X-Ray Collective Agreement NAPE Lab & X-Ray Report
School support employee with a School Board, depending on board NAPE School Board Report or
CUPE School Board Report
NL Liquor Corporation NAPE Newfoundland Liquor Corporation Report
Public Libraries Board CUPE Public Libraries Board Report
The Municipal Assessment Agency NAPE General Service Report
Government House CUPE Government House Report
College of the North Atlantic NAPE College of the North Atlantic Report
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