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Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Overview

The Provincial Government is launching a new Human Resource Management System (HRMS). This new system will be a single, modern and fully integrated information management system that gathers, manages and reports on human resource management, payroll and benefits information within the public service. HRMS will replace several separate older systems; be easier to use; provide greater system stability and security; and, allow information management and reporting features that will benefit departments and agencies as well as individual employees.

Once fully implemented, HRMS will be a state-of-the-art HR information management system that will improve services to government as an employer and to its employees.

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How will HRMS impact employees?

While the HRMS will be a major technological and information management improvement for those who use the system, the only notable immediate changes for most employees will be their pay statement (pay stub) and how income tax, Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) deductions are calculated.

Pay Statement Changes
Employees' printed pay statements will change beginning in December, 2012. This new statement will look different than the current pay statements and will contain more detailed information about employees' pay, benefits and associated deductions.

Most employees will also notice a “Conversion Insurance Benefit”, and/or other benefits or deductions beginning with the word “conversion”, listed on their pay statement until the end of the 2012 calendar year. There is no change to amounts employees pay for benefits or to the benefits they receive. These amounts are simply year-to-date totals for certain benefits or deductions that are recorded and displayed in more detail, and consequently differently, in the new system than in the old.

These year-to-date amounts will be carried over on employee pay statements as part of the conversion of data from one system to the other. Beginning with your first pay statement in 2013 these “conversion” items will no longer appear and you will notice running year-to-date totals for new and more detailed descriptions of various benefits and deductions.

Changes in Calculation of Statutory Deductions
The new payroll system uses different methods than were used by the old system to calculate statutory deductions including those for income tax, Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and employment insurance (EI). The new methods are authorized by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and provide slightly more accurate calculation of these deductions.

In most cases, discrepancies will be small. In rare cases where employees notice a discrepancy in their total income tax, CPP and EI deductions of more than $20, they should notify the Compensation & Benefits Service Centre at 1-888-729-7690 or by email at CompensationBenefits@gov.nl.ca for investigation.

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When will the system come online?

Full implementation of the HRMS will take several years and will occur in phases. The first phase is scheduled to begin this fall with the transfer of public service payroll, benefits and leave management into the new system late Fall, 2012. This winter, pensioners' payroll will be brought into the new system as well. The second phase of implementation will include the integration of teacher's payroll into the new system. This is expected to occur in 2013.

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Why do we need a new HRMS?

The HRMS will allow the collection and reporting of the majority of key HR information through one modern system by replacing several decades-old systems now in use. Many of these systems have become difficult to maintain as a result of the length of time they have been in service.

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Will there be more changes in the future?

The current focus is on bringing the new system online and transferring payroll and leave functions into the new system.

Public service employees will eventually have access to online pay statements. Further information, including directions on how to access online pay statements, will be provided to employees when this feature becomes available.

The HRMS will also, in the future, provide a solid foundation to enable additional functions and services, including various employee self-service tools. Further information will be forthcoming as employee services are activated.

For more information on the HRMS project, please email: HRMSproject@gov.nl.ca

For more information on changes to your pay statement or tax deductions, please contact the Compensation and Benefits Service Centre at 1-888-729-7690 or CompensationBenefits@gov.nl.ca


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