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Disability Employment Programs and Services

Career Development Initiative for Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Crown Corporations

The Office of Employment Equity for Persons with Disabilities offers a career development initiative that provides wage subsidies to Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Crown Corporations that hire persons with disabilities in positions related to their education and training.

Many persons with disabilities do not possess the work experience necessary to be competitive in the labour market. They have completed post-secondary training but, due to their lack of job experience, are unable to secure employment related to their field of study. The purpose of these work assignment opportunities is to provide persons with disabilities the training-related, on-the-job, mentorship work experience that will make them more competitive in the labour market.

To ensure participants of this initiative obtain what will be viewed by future potential employers as “significant work experience,” career development opportunities will be a minimum of six months, after which time extensions can be negotiated. For information on our application process, please click here.

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