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Marketing and Brand Division

The Marketing and Brand Division is responsible for implementation and promotion of the province's brand development strategy, helping to establish Newfoundland and Labrador as one of the world's most enviable places to live, work, and do business.

The Division is also focused on developing and implementing the marketing strategy for attracting strong, stable, progressive, and exciting business to the province.


The Marketing and Brand Division:

  • Collaborates with key stakeholders to develop, manage and implement the strategic and creative plan for repositioning the Newfoundland and Labrador brand;
  • Develops and implements the provincial brand strategy to shape perceptions of Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • Manages and monitors the provincial brand identity standards, ensuring consistent application of the brand signature and other visual cues, at all touch points;
  • Leads the brand monitoring system, including Third Party Guidelines, the Logo Licencing Program, and various templates and standards, to assess brand usage and best practices;
  • Provides marketing counsel and support to the Business Investment Branch, Department of Business


The primary clients of the Marketing and Brand Division are:

  • Government departments, agencies, boards and commissions approved to use the provincial brand signature and identity;
  • Other stakeholders who use the provincial brand, including marketing communications companies and advertising agencies, Third Party brand usage partners, Logo Licencing Program partners, and a variety of suppliers.

Contact Us

Chris Hewlin

Marketing and Production Officer
Tel: 1-709-729-3092

Kevin Penney

Marketing Specialist
Tel: 1-709-729-7033

Alison MacLeod-Boland

Marketing Communications Consultant
Tel: 1-709-729-5729
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