Cabinet Secretariat

As head of the Office of the Executive Council, the Clerk of the Executive Council coordinates the operations of the Cabinet Secretariat, the Protocol Office, and the Transparency and Accountability Office. The Clerk is the senior bureaucratic liaison with the Premier's Office, and is responsible for budgetary matters relating to the Office of the Executive Council.

As Secretary to the Cabinet, the Clerk supports the Premier in his responsibilities to Cabinet and its Committees by helping to set the Cabinet agenda, arranging meetings of Cabinet, overseeing the preparation of briefing materials for the Premier and the Cabinet Committee Chairs, and ensuring that records of Cabinet are properly maintained. Additionally, the Secretary to Cabinet addresses substantive matters on the Cabinet agenda with Ministers and senior officials.

The Cabinet Secretariat is responsible for providing:

  • support to the Premier and the work of Cabinet and its committees
  • support and coordination for the Cabinet decision-making process
  • advice and involvement in initiatives on matters related to economic policy, social policy, and government operations
  • Support to the strategic/business/activity and operational planning within government
  • support respecting the evaluation of program effectiveness and advise on priorities for the achievement of government objectives
  • support the role of the Lieutenant Governor
  • advice on protocol matters
  • Strengthen policy development and evaluation by enhancing core skills and capabilities, and aligning resources and organizational structures to support policy capacity

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