Anthems of Newfoundland and Labrador

The Vice Regal Salute

History and Authority

The Canadian Vice-Regal Salute was approved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1968. At public ceremonies in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador it is accorded the same respect as the Royal Anthem God Save the Queen, the National Anthem O Canada, and the Provincial Anthem The Ode to Newfoundland.

Usage and Practical Application

It is played as an instrumental musical greeting (without singing) and a mark of respect upon the arrival at a place of prominence at a public ceremony of the Governor General of Canada or of the province's Lieutenant Governor. It consists of the first six bars of the Royal Anthem God Save The Queen, followed by the first four and the last four bars of the National Anthem, O Canada.

During its performance the appropriate physical attitude is for all present not playing a musical instrument to stand respectfully at attention, hands by the side, headwear removed, except for women.

If the (Canadian) National Anthem O Canada is to be performed, it immediately follows the Vice-Regal Salute. The Vice-Regal Salute is not introduced verbally but musically; the appropriate introduction being the last two bars.

Due to the dignity required in the performance of the Vice-regal Salute, a live musical performance is preferred and pre-recorded music is discouraged. As formal state music representative of the Sovereignty of Canada, the Vice-Regal Salute is classical in style. Thus, renditions in musical genres, styles, or interpretations at variance from this style are best avoided.

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The Ode to Newfoundland

History and Authority

Lyrics by Sir Cavendish Boyle, 1902, Governor of Newfoundland. Music by Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry. First Performed on 22 December 1902 at the Casino Theatre, St. John's, by Frances Daisy Foster. Designated on 20 May 1904 as Newfoundland's official national anthem. See RSNL 1990 Chapter P-28, An Act Respecting An Anthem for the Province (The Provincial Anthem Act) Schedule I for sheet music and official lyrics (appended)

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