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Planning and Coordination Office (PCO)

The Planning and Coordination Office (PCO) of Cabinet Secretariat provides support and leadership to departments and agencies in a variety of government-wide corporate and policy functions including government priority setting, Lean process improvements, performance management and planning, evaluation, regulatory reform and the advancement of an overall approach to strengthening policy capacity. The work of the office is led by the Executive Director of Planning and Coordination.

PCO is responsible for:

  • Government priority setting, monitoring and reporting through The Way Forward, including supporting the Cabinet Committee on Jobs and horizontal policy and efficiency commitments;
  • Supporting government's efforts in continuous improvement by supporting Departments and Agencies to consider Lean principles in designing their policies and programs;
  • Developing and ensuring compliance with policies related to governance of Agencies, Boards and Commissions;
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing compliance of legislation and policies for all government entities related to each stage of the policy process, in particular the Transparency and Accountability Act and related policies, the Policy on Evaluation and the Regulatory Reform Initiative;
  • Supporting government entities and public bodies in meeting the requirements of the Transparency and Accountability Act including performance-based planning and reporting;
  • Leading the implementation of the Policy on Evaluation through effective oversight and review and by assisting departments and agencies with evaluation planning activities regarding new and existing policies, programs and services;
  • Providing support and guidance to departments and public bodies on the monitoring and implementation of the Regulatory Reform Initiative; organizational development initiatives, in collaboration with the Centre for Learning and Development and other partners, to promote enhancement of policy competencies; and,
  • Promoting best practice, resource and information sharing through development of internal and external networks of policy professionals, such as PolicyNL;

To contact the Planning and Coordination Office, call (709) 729-2243.


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