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Orders in Council

An Order in Council is a legal instrument made by the Lieutenant Governor, acting on the advice of Cabinet or the Premier, pursuant to a statutory authority or, less frequently, the royal prerogative. All Orders in Council take legal effect only when signed by the Lieutenant Governor.

Cabinet Secretariat maintains the Orders in Council Database. To request an official copy of an Order in Council or for OCs prior to 2009, email cabinetsecretariat@gov.nl.ca. In your email please provide as much information as possible about the Order in Council (e.g. OC number, year, topic, legislation and/or department). For additional information contact the Director of Information Management, Cabinet Secretariat, at 709-729-6628.

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The Orders in Council available through this website should not be considered official versions. They are provided for information purposes only. To obtain an official version of an Order in Council, please email cabinetsecretariat@gov.nl.ca or call (709) 729-6628.

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