Award Recipients
2004 Award Recipients
Shane Mahoney, Environment and Conservation

Shane MahoneyShane Mahoney has worked in the public service for more than 26 years and since 2004 has been Executive Director of Sustainable Development and Strategic Science with the Department of Environment and Conservation.

The quantity and quality of Shane’s efforts, the standards he has set, and the breath and depth of the tasks he has undertaken have contributed immensely to provincial efforts to support sustainable use and conservation of our natural resources. Shane has made considerable contributions at provincial, national and international levels and has received significant recognition for his dedicated work and service. He has authored or co-authored over 120 scientific and popular articles and reports, and appeared in, or assisted with, films for the CBC, BBC, Turner Broadcasting, and National Geographic.

Shane currently supervises the Sustainable Development and Strategic Science Branch, a group dedicated to the formulation of a sustainable development strategy, an environmental science curriculum project, initiatives of strategic science such as the well-known Caribou Synthesis, rural development initiatives associated with the Rural Secretariat as well as specialized science and sustainable outreach initiatives.

Shane MahoneyHe works diligently to ensure that all involved in the branch strive to work for the common good of our province, its people and our bounty of natural heritage. His co-workers describe Shane as having an intense and deep commitment to the people and natural resources of our province. “It is the power of place,“ Shane says, “that has completely invaded the soul and psyche of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.” It is this “place and people” from which Shane obtains great inspiration for his work.

Shane Mahoney is a unique combination of passion, skill and ability. He is a visionary who challenges not only himself but all, to strive to do their best at all times, by continuing to set high standards for individual, community, organizations, and government.



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