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Employee Orientation Program

Sample Orientation Timeline

NOTE: This is a broad timeline for moving through an orientation cycle of up to twelve months. We are always open to new ideas on orientation. If managers or employees would like to recommend changes / additions please contact the Strategic Initiatives Division, Human Resource Secretariat at 729-3452.

A manager's preparation and planning are key to a successful orientation. A good first impression is very important.

Two Weeks Prior to First Day
  • Ensure the new employee has a work space, desk, computer, telephone and all appropriate materials and equipment to function adequately
  • Submit “Request for Network Accounts and / or Computer Equipment” form to the OCIO service desk
  • Make appointment with Transportation and Works for ID card
Prior to First Day
  • Maintain open communication with the new employee and provide contact information
  • Discuss what to expect during initial period of employment and any probation requirements
  • Advise employees in the department that the new employee is starting and what he / she will be doing
  • Identify manuals, policies, procedures, and any other important materials for the first day
First Day
  • Personally greet the new employee and introduce colleagues
  • Provide an introduction to the department, the person's job, and critical policies and procedures
  • Familiarize the new employee with the role and function of the Strategic Human Resource Management Division and Corporate Services Payroll
  • Review fire / emergency evacuation procedures including policies, procedures and general norms
  • Assign an employee mentor or "go to" person who will help guide the new employee and answer his/her questions
Within First Week
  • Orient the new employee to the work environment
  • Establish a foundation to develop effective working relationships
  • Discuss vision, mission, goals and organizational structures
  • Review job expectations and begin to provide feedback
  • Review Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures
  • Review Probationary / Trial Period and set follow-up date
Within Two Weeks
Within Six Weeks
  • Review general Government-wide information and department / agency
  • Set initial goals and objectives
Within Three Months
  • Introduce professional development opportunities and requirements for participation
  • Assist the employee in developing an individual learning plan
  • Check progress and provide feedback
Within Six Months
  • Check progress and provide feedback
Within Nine Months
  • Review overall performance
Within Twelve Months
  • Check employee progress and recognize one full year of service

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