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About the Office


In 2009, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador established the Office of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (CCEE), reporting to the Premier. The Office was established in recognition of the increasing importance of the issues and the need for high level leadership. The Office acts as the lead within the Provincial Government for strategy and policy development on climate change and energy efficiency, and works collaboratively with other departments, including Natural Resources and Environment and Conservation. The Office’s establishment demonstrates the province’s commitment to action in this growing and important area.

A key part of the Office’s mandate is working collaboratively with other departments to ensure climate change and energy efficiency are considered, as appropriate, in developing and implementing provincial legislation, policies, programs, services and infrastructure decisions. The Office does not have responsibility for the delivery and implementation of programs and services, including regulatory matters, which fall within the mandates of line departments. For example, the Department of Environment and Conservation is responsible for programs including the management of the Green Fund, the Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Program and other non-policy related climate change adaptation initiatives. The Department of Natural Resources and Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation continue to oversee the household energy efficiency retrofit programs.

CCEE also works actively at the officials’ level with the Federal Government, other provinces and territories, industry and other stakeholders on policy matters related to climate change and energy efficiency. The Office seeks to identify new opportunities to take the province forward on climate change and energy efficiency, and assesses the implications for the province of developments that may occur regionally, nationally or internationally.

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Lines of Business

The Office of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has three lines of business:

  • Policy and Strategy Development
  • Promoting Government-wide Action
  • Strengthening the Evidence Base

Policy and Strategy Development

The Office has lead responsibility within government to develop forward looking policies and strategies on climate change and energy efficiency. This includes responsibility for analyzing the implications of potential policy measures, monitoring national and international developments on climate change and energy efficiency, and working with other departments, and where necessary external partners, to understand the implications and opportunities for Newfoundland and Labrador. The Office also represents provincial interests on regional, national and international bodies focusing on climate change and energy efficiency at the officials’ level.

Promoting Government-Wide Action

The need for Government leadership was a major theme heard during the consultations on climate change and energy efficiency held in 2010, and has formed a key pillar of both the Climate Change Action Plan and Energy Efficiency Action Plan. The Office works actively with other departments to strengthen their understanding of climate change and energy efficiency, and help them integrate these issues into their ongoing operations as well as provincial legislation, policies and regulations.

Strengthening the Evidence Base

The Office works extensively with departments, outside experts, and external parties as appropriate (e.g. Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, Newfoundland Power, Memorial University), to fully analyze the key issues on climate change and energy efficiency and the impacts and economic opportunities for the province, communities and the private sector. The Office has undertaken or commissioned a series of research projects including studies on: the impacts of carbon pricing on Newfoundland and Labrador; the impacts of climate change on the province; commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs in other provinces and territories; climate change monitoring capabilities in the province; and, with the Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development, a study of the opportunities associated with the green economy.

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Name Position Phone Number
Jackie Janes Assistant Deputy Minister (709) 729-7971
Gerald Crane Director of Research & Analysis (709) 729-0379
Alicia Sutton Director of Government Relations (709) 729-7955
Leanne Combden Senior Policy Officer (709) 729-3215
Vanessa Pennell Mercer Senior Engineer (709) 729-1394
Patricia King Senior Statistician (709) 729-1485
Stacey Cheater Analyst & Policy Officer (709) 729-0975
Elaine Clarke Administrative Assistant (709) 729-1210

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